Converting a Store into a Home Improvement Franchise

By Administrator / August 5, 2022

Every business owner wants to get the most out of their investment, the most bang for their buck. Your home improvement/renovation store may be doing well, and it may feel like it’s time to take your business to the next level. Or maybe your business is struggling and you’re looking for a way to improve…

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Home Renovation Franchises: Here’s What to Look For

By Administrator / July 30, 2022

When considering home renovation franchises, you have many options from which to choose. You can pick a specific aspect of the industry like flooring or landscaping, or you can choose a broader business such as retail but with a niche market. As you evaluate franchises, knowing some of the key reasons that franchisees fail can…

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Flooring and Carpet Store Franchise: Why It’s Profitable

By Administrator / July 15, 2022

When working on a project, many people say the best way is to start from the bottom and work your way up; so, where better to start a remodeling project than with the floor? Flooring and carpeting are a part of a home that picks up a lot of wear and tear. That makes flooring…

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DreamMaker Franchise vs. ProSource: Which is Right for You?

By Administrator / May 15, 2022

In the last two years, the remodeling market in the U.S. has seen some amazing growth. With the remodeling industry booming, now is the time for prospective entrepreneurs to get their foot in the door with a remodeling business of their own. Franchising is a great way to do so, especially for those with limited…

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Remodeling Industry Outlook & Profitability 2022

By Administrator / May 1, 2022

Since 2020, many people have been spending more time at home, and looking at the same walls for so long has made them more aware of both the cracks and the things that are missing. For the last two years, there’s been a surge in home remodeling, and the industry has been booming as a…

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Flooring Industry Secrets for Growth & Success

By Administrator / April 15, 2022

Flooring is a major element of the home improvement industry, as the variety of flooring needs across growing residential and commercial sectors lends itself to a profitable business opportunity. Customers have many options when it comes to choosing flooring, and a commitment to their experience is the secret to building a sustainable business. The growth…

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How to Start a Retail Home Renovation Business

By Administrator / April 1, 2022

In 2021, the U.S. Census Bureau reported a 55% increase in the number of new businesses launched (just over 5 million). Most were launched by first-time entrepreneurs. The move was motivated by COVID-19, which caused people to re-evaluate how they were earning a living. Certainly, running your own business allows you more control over your…

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Home Improvement Business: Start with These Profitable Ideas

By Administrator / March 15, 2022

Most stories of how people successfully started their own business focus on the passion they have for doing it; when you enjoy your work, you enjoy your life. A business, however, does not survive on passion alone — it also needs to be profitable. To make the most of your passion and your money, you…

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Multi-Unit Franchise: What Makes Them Profitable?

By Administrator / March 1, 2022

Franchisees who own multiple units are now more prevalent than those who own single units. Pursuing the business opportunity of owning more than one franchise involves securing future territories where you plan to expand. According to FRANdata, 54% of all franchises involve more than one operation. If developing multiple units is in your plans, you…

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Entrepreneurs and Franchise Owners: What’s the Difference?

By Administrator / February 1, 2022

Around the world, people are increasingly turning to entrepreneurship. In July 2020, the U.S. Census Bureau recorded an all-time high for applications to start a business – an increase of 95% from the previous year. It is a trend happening around the world as people re-evaluate the quality of life they want in the future.…

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