Franchise Marketing Support

We do the work that drives customers to your showrooms.

Franchise marketing support at ProSource is a mix of national campaigns and local marketing strategies. Every franchise owner runs their own business, and each market’s needs can be unique. We plan for that with customized programs meant to drive business to the showrooms.


Here’s how we do it:

An In-House Marketing Agency

The marketing landscape evolves too quickly for a single staff member to handle effectively, so ProSource provides turnkey franchise marketing for our showroom owners. The national office is an in-house agency at your fingertips by providing:

  • Proprietary prospecting and qualified lead generation
  • Social media account management
  • Tailored promotion of programs in the local market
  • Diversified paid media
  • Integrated tools and systems that create a 1:1 customer experience
  • Campaign creation with supporting materials
  • Special event scheduling, promotion, and merchandising
  • Customized marketing plans for each showroom

We develop franchise marketing support programs with the account manager in mind. Each location will have targeted marketing they can easily implement and drive opportunities to the showroom.

Customized Marketing for Each Showroom

Every year, we prepare a customized marketing plan for each showroom that includes all recommended marketing strategies and tactics, specific to that showroom’s location, marketplace, and competitive landscape. We work one-on-one with the franchise owner and their team to create a localized strategy.

“Our marketing team works in partnership with each franchise owner. We are the experts in the brand, and they are the experts in their community. That combination leads to strong results and best practices in how we offer franchise marketing support.”

Christina Shekell Vice President, Marketing

The Niche Market Advantage

Unlike large retail stores, the ProSource marketing focus is on a niche market: the trade pro customer. We communicate with trade professionals so they are aware of the benefits of being a ProSource member, and we consistently provide value-added services that benefit their businesses. Showrooms develop relationships with trade pros, and we take that seriously.

When these professionals join ProSource, they can download the Trade Pro App which provides them with the following benefits:

  • Order placing: finalize order options, approve complete orders, and make payments
  • Digital referral cards: for sending clients to the showroom to meet with a ProSource expert team member
  • Notification alerts: push notifications, receive alerts, track orders and arrange pick-ups
  • Trade pro marketing: upload projects and create a gallery of work that travels with you

Technology and Data That Works

The systems we invest in at ProSource give us data that helps us evaluate marketing efforts which helps us improve franchise marketing support. Franchise owners can see the marketing we do through our proprietary systems, and we update showrooms with the data through regular communications, at regional meetings, and with the annual convention.


The Local Focus

ProSource franchisees are business owners, invested in the communities they serve. The impact they bring to other businesses and their employees is significant. The entrepreneurial spirit that drives franchise owners also drives us in providing franchise marketing support. This business is about more than selling products: it’s about B2B relationships with people who build communities.

Our franchise owners do amazing things at ProSource and that motivates us every day to do amazing things for them.

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