Meet the ProSource Leadership Team

Andrew Shulklapper, President

Andrew Shulklapper, President

Andrew has been the president of ProSource Wholesale since 2021 and has been with CCA Global since 2012. He leads ProSouce across all operations, strategic planning, business consulting, co-op management, and showroom relations. Always passionate about finding innovative ways to improve sales, profits, and customer satisfaction, Andrew has ...more than 25 years of experience in merchandising, marketing, inventory management, and store operations.

He entered the company as the president of the Floor Trader division after working in leadership roles with LL Flooring, Circuit City, DisplaySearch, and American Express. On working with the ProSource franchise owners, Andrew says:

“I love working for ProSource, where my efforts and those of our team are directed toward improving the lives of the franchisees and showroom staff, many of whom I have the chance to meet with and learn about throughout each year.”

Andrew is based in St. Louis, where he is an avid outdoorsman and especially enjoys cycling.

Bruce Burnett, Vice President Franchise Development

Bruce Burnett, Vice President of Franchise Development

Bruce’s career has focused on building relationships with independent business owners, assisting them in successfully opening and growing their franchise business. He joined ProSource in 2013 as the director of franchise development and has continued to work in the franchise development role ever since.

His franchising career ...spans 35 years of domestic and international business with brands such as TCBY Frozen Yogurt, Medicine Shoppe International, Furniture Brands International, and ProSource Wholesale. On working with ProSource franchise owners, Bruce says:

“The ProSource Wholesale family of franchise owners is great to work with since they all love the brand and model, which inspires them to open more showrooms. I enjoy helping individuals create generational wealth for themselves and their families via the ProSource Wholesale brand, which is a strong multi-unit concept.”

Bruce and his family love traveling and have visited numerous countries, as well as most of the United States. He is married with two children and three grandchildren and is an admitted foodie!

Christina Shekell, Vice President Marketing

Christina Shekell, Vice President, Marketing

Christina has been with CCA Global since 2011 and has built her career in marketing. She oversees the development and execution of digital marketing strategies to enhance brand visibility, drive customer acquisition, retention, share of wallet, and increase revenue generation through online channels. Christina is also ...responsible for leading the marketing team in social media management, search engine optimization, email marketing, and digital advertising, ensuring alignment with overall marketing objectives and leveraging data-driven insights to optimize campaigns. On working with the ProSource franchise owners, Christina says:

“I love supporting the entrepreneurs who become ProSource franchisees. Being able to see the impact they bring to their communities and their showroom teams is very fulfilling, and that entrepreneurial spirit is what drives my work every day. A lot of marketing is about building relationships, and that is consistently what our showroom owners do every day in their businesses, so I feel a great synergy with our franchisees.”

Before her marketing career, Christina was a professional ballerina. Apart from work, she focuses on her three children, who are all active in a variety of sports.

Ed Seuc, Franchise Development Specialist

Ed Seuc, Franchise Development Specialist

Ed joined the ProSource Wholesale team in 2022 after working with a variety of other brands in the home improvement and construction industry. He has held roles in export sales and marketing for manufacturers of hardware and building materials for over 35 years.

He is passionate about ...sales and introducing great brands to people who can benefit from what they have to offer. He recognizes the value of niche-market brands like ProSource and enjoys delivering for franchise owners so they can perform at their highest potential. On working with the ProSource franchise owners, Ed says:

“My role is to engage with new franchise candidates and guide them through the learning and discovery process with ProSource. It’s a rewarding experience to be the person who has that introductory responsibility and to see the enthusiasm that each franchise owner brings to the business every time. It’s the starting point of building successful businesses with great people at the helm.”

A strong supporter of the arts in St. Louis, Ed enjoys racquet sports, foreign travel, and cultures.

Shane Riley, Senior Vice President Kitchen and Bath

Shane Riley, Senior Vice President, Kitchen and Bath

Shane has been with CCA Global for more than 20 years and currently leads the kitchen and bath business for the company, focusing on merchandising, buying, training, sales development, promotions, and operations. His previous experience included working in marketing and public relations, building products with leading brands, distribution, and commercialization. When he joined ...CCA Global, he was in marketing before moving to his current role. On working with the ProSource franchise owners, Shane says:

“The ProSource Wholesale business is unique to the market. It is exciting to work with the franchise owners to grow the business, implementing best practices that generate more sales and profit plus the chance to explore new ideas from our owners that drive more opportunities.”

Apart from work, Shane is an avid golfer and enthusiast of the sport.

Neal Ross, Vice President Product & Merchandising

Neal Ross, Vice President of Product & Merchandising

Neal has been a part of CCA Global for two decades and has been in the product and merchandising division for his entire career. With ProSource, Neal leads ...the team to maximize showroom profitability. This is accomplished using competitive market data, floorspace allocation, vendor negotiations, and by choosing preferred products. On working with ProSource franchise owners, Neal says:

“We truly have the best franchisees. They are continuously innovating and willing to share their experiences, not just with the national office but also with other franchisees in the network. This strengthens our network and allows all of us to learn, adapt, and improve to the benefit of all franchise owners.”

When he’s not focused on products and merchandising, Neal is an avid traveler, hiker, and foodie, all of which he enjoys with his wife and two children.

Deb Weis, Vice President Digital Initiatives

Deb Weis, Vice President of Marketing and Digital Initiatives

Deb joined ProSource in 2017, where she was responsible for supporting the sales growth of franchise owners. She handled personalized marketing activities, lead acquisition, and engaging franchisees. Her role expanded into digital tools, which led to the popular Trade Pro App and upgrades to maximize online sales. Her commitment to ...franchisee success stems in part from her previous experience as a franchise owner. On working with ProSource franchise owners, Deb says:

“Collaborating with ProSource franchisees to make their businesses more efficient by increasing sales and profits is a very fulfilling experience. The insights their teams bring to the national level help us focus on what’s most important for the success of every ProSource showroom.”

Away from the office, Deb enjoys international and local travel with her family. She is also a competitive tennis player.

Tom Hodges, Vice President Operations

Tom Hodges, Vice President of Operations

From a career working with individual business owners, it was a natural fit for Tom to join ProSource in a franchise development role in 2009. He held that position for five years before assuming a leadership position in operations. Today, Tom leads a team that ...supports the opening, relocations, and remodeling of ProSource showrooms, handling the legalities of franchise systems and the budgeting and analysis of the ProSource system. On working with ProSource franchise owners, Tom says:

“What I enjoy most about my role is working with the franchisees. I go to work every day to support small business owners and find ways to partner with them to elevate their opportunities. It is rewarding work to see franchise owners build their teams and build their businesses.”

Tom is a lifelong Philadelphia sports fan and has recently retired from traveling the country with his three children, who all participated in college sports.

Shauna Bennet, VP Recruiting & Training

Shauna Bennet

Shauna brings over two decades of dedicated service to ProSource, where she currently holds the role overseeing training, credit, national alliance sales, and recruiting. With a rich background in sales, sales management, and regional sales management within ProSource showrooms, her expertise spans various facets of the business. On working with ...ProSource franchise owners, Shauna says:

“I love collaborating with ProSource franchise owners and their teams. I find fulfillment in celebrating their victories and identifying areas for growth, constantly striving to implement behavioral learning strategies that contribute to the ongoing success of the system.”

When not facilitating, Shauna enjoys moments spent swimming and BBQing with her family and often found floating down the river and camping.

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