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The home improvement industry is a growing sector of the economy, and lifestyle factors are always demanding changes. From new homeowners in aging homes to evolving families to retirement plans, home improvements are always happening.

Why the Home Improvement Industry Drives Business

A home is a significant investment. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 65% of Americans are homeowners. Making improvements to your home contributes to its value, which provides a wealth-building opportunity.

Home improvement industry trends show that people add value to their homes in several ways, but kitchen and bath remodels and flooring are always on the list. That’s exactly where ProSource builds market share. ProSource offers its trade professional members the opportunity to buy high-quality products at wholesale prices.

of Americans are homeowners.

An Industry That’s Always in Demand

The home improvement industry tends to remain stable during economic challenges that can impact other industries.

Statista reports that factors such as inflation don’t deter high revenues from being achieved in the home improvement industry and notes that the business of home ownership is a significant portion of the world’s economy. The market value in the U.S. is forecast to exceed $600 billion by 2025, which is more than double the value reached in 2008.

Consistent factors that impact the growth of the industry include:

  • The average age of houses is 47 years, fueling the demand for remodeling.
  • Many families are dual-income, which allows for home improvement investments.
  • Homeowners are choosing to reinvest in their home as opposed to purchasing new with rising interest rates.
  • Aging seniors are choosing to live in their homes longer, which increases the demand for modification services.

There is also a focus on collaboration and partnerships to meet the demands of homeowner renovations, which is another feature of the ProSource model. We partner with the trades professionals to deliver products at wholesale prices while they manage the installs and customer-facing work.


ProSource is a Home Improvement Industry Leader

We make choosing and ordering remodeling materials easier for trade professionals with helpful technology, industry-trained designers, and dedicated customer service. By making their experience more efficient, they can take on more homeowner projects, which in turn drives business back to ProSource. Good partnerships work, and when it comes to B2B in this industry, we do it better than anyone.


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