At ProSource®, we pride ourselves on a culture that cultivates strong relationships, whether that be with our franchise owners, showroom staff members, trade pros, or their clients. The leaders of our organization have a penchant for leading, inspiring, and communicating well with others. If you are interested in our franchise opportunity, it is crucial that you are able to embody the ProSource spirit through taking the time to build lasting business relationships. In this article, we will go over steps you can take to create a business network that will support your home improvement franchise with the help you need from a strong community.

Be Yourself

This may be the simplest tip on this list, but many business owners fail to see its benefit. It’s common, particularly online, for companies to create a false persona to draw customers in. The problem with this is that in an age when we are constantly surrounded by advertisements and phony salespeople, people can smell it a mile away. This is not how to build relationships that last. People feel at ease when you are completely accepting of who you and they are. Be authentic, and your customers and clients will return again and again.

Find Common Ground

Look at your personal network: your friends, family, and all those you choose to spend time with. Chances are, you share similar values, outlooks, and goals with them. As humans, we naturally seek out connections with people who embody our morals. We like to surround ourselves with others who we find to be honest, kind, respectful, and helpful. While you might not always see eye-to-eye, a basis in shared values is essential for any lasting relationship, including those with your business associates.

Establish Respect

In most cases, it will take time to establish respect in your business relationships. As you have more experiences with someone, you prove to them that you deserve their regard. It’s beneficial to join communities where you can establish yourself as someone who will show respect, and commands respect in return. You could join a chamber, professional networking group, or even a community online to build mutual respect.

Be Vulnerable

Part of authenticity is to be vulnerable. We are all human beings who face challenges and changes in our lives. While you don’t need to “put it all out there,” with certain trusted individuals, it can make our connections more meaningful. The key here is to use good judgment — not everyone will respond well to this strategy.

Bring Others Together

Businesses thrive on referrals. If you want to get them, you need to give them. To do this successfully, make sure you have the right intentions; it should be a connection that you genuinely believe will be mutually beneficial.

Make a Personal Connection

Of course, you need to be professional, but that doesn’t mean you can’t form personal connections as well. When you click with a business associate, take them out for a cup of coffee. Open up about your experiences, business ideas, values, family, and professional history. Getting to know you on a personal level will help deepen the business relationship.

Have Fun

Speaking of forming personal connections, it doesn’t have to be all work and no play. You can make a better business relationship by having fun with your associate, whether you head to a sports game, concert, or community event to spend time together in a social setting. This can also give you a fuller understanding of your colleague by seeing a different side of them.

Don’t Make Assumptions

If you have a lot of expectations about how a person will act or what they will offer you, you are bound to be disappointed. It’s best not to make any assumptions about people, and approach each business relationship with no expectations. Accept that people will be the way they are, not the way you want them to be.

ProSource showrooms wouldn’t exist without our franchise owners’ qualified, engaged business networks that they build using the steps outlined above. If you have the consistency, confidence, and charisma to lead a ProSource showroom, we would love to speak with you. Contact us to learn about this uniquely lucrative franchise opportunity.