Stacy Enslen
August 8, 2016
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A Growing Family Business – The Brewers Diversify with ProSource

St. Louis, MO. – ProSource Wholesale, America’s largest wholesale home improvement franchise, celebrating its 25th year, is pleased to share the Brewer Family’s franchise success story as part of the company’s 25th Anniversary Franchise Profiles. The Brewer family’s five ProSource showrooms are part of the more than 140 ProSource Wholesale showrooms that sell exclusively through a qualified network of more than 320,000 trade professionals who have become members since 1991. Consumers can only access ProSource Wholesale through their builder, remodeler, interior designer, general contractor, real estate professional, installer, and other trade professionals.

The Brewer’s started out as an independent Carpet One owner, then saw the success of the ProSource franchise model and started expanding their business portfolio. They currently own five ProSource Showrooms (Oklahoma City, Sarasota, Tampa, Memphis, and Davenport) as well as multiple Carpet One retail locations.

The Brewers opened their first ProSource showroom in 1997 and one of the key aspects of their overall company success is that they were able to stay within the home improvement industry. “We really like ProSource’s different franchise model that has provided us the opportunity to expand our current business and diversify without going after the same customers. We were able to expand beyond retail and work within the commercial and wholesale business,” shared Tom Brewer. “Also, since we already had a good footprint of Carpet One retail stores, starting the ProSource brand and its members-only type of showroom allowed us to be the first to market in our area and gain more market share.”

The growth continues for the Brewers. They are already looking to expand by opening a new ProSource showroom in Amarillo and a second one in the Tampa area.

Most recently, their ProSource of Davenport showroom expanded from a small footprint ProSource to a full 12,000 sq. ft. showroom. The Brewers are committed to the ProSource model and continue to research new markets to open new showrooms.

The Brewer Family business spans many different regions of the country. With their headquarters in Oklahoma City, Tom Brewer’s son Bart handles the operations and IT, while Tom Brewer leads the company’s growth strategy with seeking new locations. Rick Ogle has been a partner in the business since 1988 and is in charge of buying, builder sales, and other management duties and has been key in driving sales for the company. “We take great pride and attribute our seamless growth to our incredible team that we have in place,” shared Tom Brewer. “Everyone plays an integral part in achieving that success for the company.”

About ProSource Wholesale Franchise Opportunity

ProSource opened its first showroom in St. Louis, MO in 1991, and continues to play a significant role in their trade professionals’ success by connecting people, products and projects. The company’s unique business model innovated 25 years ago continues to be recognized by franchisees as a catalyst for creating relationships and building success for not only the trade professional, but also the franchisee, and strengthening the local home improvement community by embracing this business philosophy. The ProSource Wholesale successful franchise business provides franchisees with many benefits.

  • Low overhead and operating costs
  • Strong cash flow
  • No accounts receivable
  • Limited inventory
  • No retail hours
  • No installation services
  • Exceptional franchisee support
  • Extensive private brand program
  • Group purchasing as part of parent company, CCA Global Partners, Inc.
  • Low wholesale prices offered every day

To learn more about ProSource franchise opportunities, visit or call (314) 506-0078.

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